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Slopes and shops at the residence's bottoms and easy parking... Discover our practical familial ski resorts.

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Savoie > Aime 2000

Aime 2000 resort is the upper level of la Plagne.

Designed as a new ski place concept in the sixties, resort is made with large buildings inspired by cities. The most famous and huge residence is even called the liner!

Not very beautiful, we have to say they are very practical (ski in and... (Read more)

Savoie - Aime 2000

Savoie > Arc 1600

At 10 minutes from Bourg St Maurice train station (junction is made with a funicular railway), Arc 1600 is an urban modern style ski resort. Resort downtown is pedestrian. It offers the most affordable accommodation of the valley. Arc 1600 is appreciated by... (Read more)

Savoie - Arc 1600

Isere > Auris en Oisans

Easy to access, Auris en Oisans is part of the Alpe d'Huez Grand domaine. And offers access to nearly 250km of ski slopes!

Located 1600 meters above sea level, at the doors of the Ecrins you could enjoy a magnificent panorama on the Meije and the peaks of the Ecrins National Park. Authentic, Auris... (Read more)

Isere - Auris en Oisans

Alpes maritimes > Auron

Auron is a ski resort located at 1600m, at the entrance doors of the national park of the Mercantour and at 90km from Nice.

It is a real village with its pedestrian square and a rich heritage.

If you don't want to go up to Auron, leave you car at the free car park of St Etienne de Tinée... (Read more)

Alpes maritimes - Auron

Haute Savoie > Avoriaz

What a change of scene in Avoriaz! Cars will remain in large parking (charged) at the resort entrance. All displacement are made by walking or using cabs... which are sleighs (also charged)!

Integrated resort, Avoriaz has a great modern architecture. It can let you indifferent. You love or you hate... (Read more)

Haute Savoie - Avoriaz

Savoie > Courchevel Moriond

At 1650 meters, Courchevel Moriond is known as the most sunny place in the valley.

If the resort center is compact and quite ugly (large buildings), the other districts are nice and made of chalets.

Located at the 3 valleys extremity and close to Vanoise borders, Moriond is surrounded by... (Read more)

Savoie - Courchevel Moriond

Savoie > Courchevel Village

Located under the famous and luxury Courchevel 1850, Courchevel Village is a great place to take benefit from the amazing ski area of the valley (linked to the 3 valleys) and to have afordable prices and a family spirit far from its sister... (Read more)

Savoie - Courchevel Village

Alpes maritimes > Isola 2000

Isola 2000, " a snow balcony over the Côte d'Azur", gots a micro-climat and a high that allow sun and snow. It often has snow records.

Isola 2000 is located at 90km from Nice, 3km from Italy and at the entrance of the National Park of the Mercantour.

It was created in the 70's s an... (Read more)

Alpes maritimes - Isola 2000

Savoie > La Toussuire

La Toussuire is located at 1750m, in the area of Sybelles, Maurienne. Its location and altitude guarantee great sun, breathtaking panorama of the surrounding mountains and snow throughout the season!

The station has lost some of its charm with the construction of apartment blocks right on the snow... (Read more)

Savoie - La Toussuire

Savoie > Le Corbier

Le Corbier is a savoyard ski resort, located in the heart of the Sybelles ski area, in the Maurienne valley.

It is a 3rd generation resort: only for pedestrians and all accommodations are reachable from the slopes. There are also linked thanks to covered galleries.

The architecture is... (Read more)

Savoie - Le Corbier

Pyrenees Orientales > Les Angles

The Resort of Les Angles is a village resort and owes its success to its ski area who arrives at the foot of the bell tower nut also at the quality of welcome.

Les Angles developeed in feet of tracks and knew how to keep its authentic character while meeting the requirements of a modern ski... (Read more)

Pyrenees Orientales - Les Angles

Savoie > Les Menuires

Made during the 60s, when easyness was more important than aestheticism, the architecture in Menuires is not the best loved today.

Nevertheless, this style is fully accepted! Even more, the qualities of this concept of "resort 100% ski" are numerous and make the Menuires a nice place to spend one's... (Read more)

Savoie - Les Menuires

Hautes Alpes > Les Orres 1800

Welcoming, protected, family, these words describe well les Orres.

Built with many hamlets, the main resort is grouped in Centre Station (1650m) and Bois Mean (1800m). You will find an amazing landscape on the Serre Ponçon lake.

Les Orres is a connected resort which offers free... (Read more)

Hautes Alpes - Les Orres 1800

Hautes Alpes > Orcières 1850

Orcières 1850 is located at the doors of the Ecrins National Park in the Hautes Alpes.

This resort got the climate and the way of life of the Provence with lots of sun and warmth. The architecure is nice and the building are made with wood.

Orcières is a real family resort and has even... (Read more)

Hautes Alpes - Orcières 1850

Savoie > Plagne centre

Located at 1970 meters, Plagne centre is an urban look like ski resort.

It is then very functional. You can walk along the resort in a covered commercial mall. Pretty cool when weather is bad!

Plagne centre is a sporty and familial resort. It has a dynamic and rich after ski range of... (Read more)

Savoie - Plagne centre

Savoie > Plagne Villages & Soleil

Villages and Soleil are the 2 most recent levels of la Plagne.

Located at 2050 meters, they are seated face to face and they share a conception in accordance with local traditions.

Buildings are not to big and they are all covered with wood and stones. Most of the accommodation are directly... (Read more)

Savoie - Plagne Villages & Soleil

Alpes de haute Provence > Praloup 1600

Praloup 1600 is a dynamic resort created in the end of the 50's.

The buildings are higher than in Praloup 1500 but the resort is still very pretty.

A real after ski life is waiting for you: shops, restaurants, bars, ice... (Read more)

Alpes de haute Provence - Praloup 1600

Hautes Alpes > Puy Saint Vincent

Puy Saint Vincent is a family resort with different levels located at the doors of the national park of the Ecrin. Thank to its geographical location, it is protected from the wind.

It spreads from 1400 to 1800m (with free shuttles) and each floor has its own speficity.

1400m : 3... (Read more)

Hautes Alpes - Puy Saint Vincent

Savoie > Saint François Longchamp

Saint François Lonchamp is a family ski resort located on the North side of the Maurienne Valley. It is divided in 2 altitudes: 1450m and 1650m (where the biggest part of the resort is). It is very easy to reach as it is only 12km from the motorway.

While you are in Saint François Longchamp,... (Read more)

Savoie - Saint François Longchamp

Hautes Pyrenees > Saint-Lary Soulan

Saint-Lary : It is a village situated in 830 meters in height. You can reach directly tracks with the ski lifts. In Saint-Lay, there is the majority of the accommodations of the resort. Success of the destination : facades mades by stones and festive Spanish atmosphere ! Soulan : Saint-Lary and the village... (Read more)

Hautes Pyrenees - Saint-Lary Soulan

Hautes Alpes > Serre Chevalier 1350

Historical part and arrival point of Luc Alphand famous black ski run, Chantemerle (Serre Chevalier 1350) is a large and animated resort.

Most recent buildings (and the less beautiful we must conceed) are located in the new centre close to slopes departure. The oldest part, in retreat, is made of... (Read more)

Hautes Alpes - Serre Chevalier 1350

Hautes Alpes > Serre Chevalier 1400

Located in the middle of Guisane valley, Villeneuve la Salle (also called Serre Chevalier 1400) is a ski resort with 2 distinct profil.

The oldest part, located behind national road is charming and traditional. It is mainly made of chalet and village house. Notice that ski runs are too far to be... (Read more)

Hautes Alpes - Serre Chevalier 1400

Hautes Alpes > Superdevoluy

Superdevoluy is one of the two stations of the ski area of Dévoluy. It was the first ski resort of Devoluy and it is a practical and friendly station. It is an integrated station, easy to live, ideal for families. There is a sport center with weight rooms, fitness gyms collective, climbing wall, room... (Read more)

Hautes Alpes - Superdevoluy

Savoie > Tignes 1800

A new resort concept!

Rebuilt in 2013, Tignes 1800 district is the new familial and high standing village of Tignes, designed in respect with local tradition (wood, stones). All residences are close to the slopes.

The new 8 seats gondola will lead you in a few minutes in the heart of Tignes... (Read more)

Savoie - Tignes 1800

Alpes de haute Provence > Val d'Allos

The Val d'Allos, located in the Alpes de Haute Provence, near the Mercantour National Park, is composed of two resorts (La Foux and Le Seignus) and the village of Allos. The typically mountain village with its stone houses and little streets is the starting point to reach the two stations located higher... (Read more)

Alpes de haute Provence - Val d'Allos

Hautes Alpes > Vars

Vars is a resort located in the Hautes Alpes made of 4 villages: St Marcellin (the oldest), Ste Marie (the entrande door of the ski area), Ste Catherine and Les Claux (the actual ski resort).

Les Claux was made recently, in the 60's, with the creation of the ski... (Read more)

Hautes Alpes - Vars
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